That Something Beautiful That Exudes From His Skin

In his face, you can practically smell the future- just a hint of it, like how when he walks past you a faint fragrant whiff of his cologne slithers up into your nose, forcing your heart to beat twice and your lungs to release a satisfied sigh. In that rare dimple on his left cheek is all the happiness in the world; that little dot peeking out of his parenthesi is a prize to be proud of. You remember, once he scowled around you, but now he only smiles and attempts (but usually fails) to make faces as ugly as yours, which have won you the crown of the Snapchat Queen. The way he warps his lips reminds you he loves you, not despite your ugly faces, but for every wrinkle and twitch and chin you don’t know how you manifest (or hold long enough to take a picture for that matter). You remember the day he said he never wanted to hurt you- and you can see that in his eyes every time he looks at you. You remember the first night you cried in front of him, and how he could never seem to hold you tight enough (from both your and his perspective). The words he pouted with such exasperation, “I love you,” were embedded in his lips. Still are, and beautifully so.

His beauty comes from the memories you’ve made together, the ones that radiate out of his eyes, his lips, that little hair that stands straight up, even his breath and the curvature of his nose is the comfort of six months + forever. You wonder, sometimes, how an amazing boy like him ever fell in love with you, with the ugly faces and the sucky circumstances and the hormones that range from wanting to lick more than just his face (perhaps that eight-pack abdomen you didn’t believe he had) to nearly crying cause he said he likes your shirt. But when you wonder, he reminds you in a three-page text sent at 4 A.M. just to put in writing his entire lovely opinion of you. He’s perfect, and his perfection is so tangible it keeps you hanging on tight during the bad days/weeks/rough patches in general. He’s there for you always. Even when you’re too angry to function or too depressed to utter words through your sobs. But he kisses you and calms you down and promises you it’ll be alright, he’s there, he’s not going anywhere.

He promises you, he’ll never leave. And you know, it’s true. 

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